Collaboration, Communications, and Control for Safer Schools

Shared infrastructure is a relatively new term for school operations.  In essence, the concept of sharing resources results in greater efficiency and cost savings relating to the purchase and operation of safety systems.

There was a time when the county and the city had their own "security systems", manufacturers and merchants had something else, while churches and schools had something else, if anything at all.  The development of wireless security systems now allows different user groups to "share" a common resource used for notification and control. 

The bottom line is that a device such as our own VoiceTXTR-SC allows multiple users at different locations to utilize a central controller for system management. The VoiceTXTR-SC, used in conjunction with a public safety network can serve ALL schools resulting in significant cost savings.  Not only, can a single VoiceTXTR-SC serve all the schools, but county and municipal offices, churches, high risk business locations (banks, convenience stores, etc.), even industrial plants!

The cost of a VoiceTXTR-SC ranges from slightly under four thousand dollars to a little under six thousand dollars, depending on the type of public safety radio system used.  The cost can be shared among users, or in some cases, a single user will be the sole financial supporter.  Not a bad deal, since there are NO monthly user charges and the benefits to all concerned are SIGNIFICANT! Additional information is available by clicking here.

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