Collaboration, Communications, and Control for Safer Schools

The picture above pretty much tells the story of what happens when a Disruptive Person appears and you have added HelpAlert Call Buttons for use in conjunction with 2-way radios.  Three models are offered - a desktop (or under desk) call box.  It's great for reception desks. The basic unit. priced at just $349, operates for up to one year on internal AA batteries with no wiring or installation required.  A two function model is optionally available that has lock down message sending capability (See Lockdowns tab at top of page).

if you would like to provide personal call buttons for multiple people (Receptionist, Principal and Student Advisers for example, a single HelpAlert Call Box can be used in conjunction with personal call buttons.  This is considerably less expensive that putting HelpAlert units in each office. More info is available at We also offer a more powerful system, known as the AlarmAlert for use in larger schools and/or providing teacher call buttons in individual classrooms

If you already have an existing security system with personal call buttons, we offer a device known as an Accelerator to speed up notification and response times.  You still use your existing call button and alarms are reported through an alarm center, then to the 911, then to law enforcement in the traditional way, PLUS directly to all on-duty police officers, both by 2-way radio and to individual smart phones.  Better yet, there are NO monthly fees!  Additional information on the Accelerator is available at