Collaboration, Communications, and Control for Safer Schools

Anyone in an administrative position may have to deal with disruptive people.  They come in all ages, shapes, backgrounds, races, and genders. As a school administrator, coach, or counselor; there are times when recorded event evidence can reduce or eliminate frivolous litigation, threats, slander, loss of employment, or worse! We've got a simple and affordable solution. 

Our new Witness office camera can be placed anywhere it your office. It records 24/7.  If you have a disruptive event, just playback the event over the internal monitor or watch over a regular TV with an HDMI connection. You can save to USB memory, to a PC hard drive, or in the Cloud as you choose.  No external data management system required!

The Witness is a whole lot of camera for not much money! You can learn more about it by clicking hereThanks for visiting.  We look forward to serving you!