Collaboration, Communications, and Control for Safer Schools

Keeping students and staff safe,

is what we do, and do it better that anybody, BECAUSE we have the ability to help you respond to emergency needs in 10 seconds or less!  I

You can develop safety plans, lock doors and put in cameras, but, the key to an effective safety program is quickly identifying need, reporting that need and getting help where it's needed - QUICKLY. 

Generally, most people think of active shooters as being the major threat.  However, there are other, more common, everyday issues that also require immediate action. Our job is helping you deal with ALL safety emergencies!

For instance, do you have the ability to quickly deal with disruptive people when you have a single School Resource Officer (SRO) covering up to three schools? We know of schools that use two-way radios for administrative use, but have no direct connection to an SRO other than by cell phone.  Some schools don't even have an SRO. Some schools don't have radios!

What about lock downs?  How quick can you lock down your school or get your students to a safe place in the event of severe weather, fire, or an out of control situation?

Hardly a day goes by that school administrators are not threatened with assault, litigation, or reported for something that someone THOUGHT they said.  A comment by a school receptionist resulted in her dismissal and being JAILED essentially because of an undocumented allegation.

Want to know how YOU can make your school a whole lot safer for students AND STAFF for not much money?  We can also show you some common sense solutions for everyday needs. For more information, visit the links on this web site starting by learning more about the heart of a safe-schools system - RADIOS, or call us at 205.854.2611.  You'll be glad you did!